Lock Rekeying Austin TX

Lock rekeying is a great alternative to completely changing out locks and has the same effect, security wise. Austin TX Locksmith 24 Hour is available to rekey your locks any time, night or day.

What Is A Lock Rekey?

Lock rekeying refers to a process by which a locksmith modifies a lock to open with a different key that it came with. After this procedure is done the locks will no longer work with the original key.

A key contains a code which is read by the tumbler inside a lock. When the correct key is inserted in the lock, it opens. During a rekey, the code that the tumbler accepts is changed to a new one.

Rekeying is also sometimes done on car ignitions. The process is the same although it's not done for security reasons. You can learn more about ignition work in our automotive locksmith page.

When Should I Rekey?

Rekeying is usually done for security purposes when there is a concern about home or business keys having been stolen or having been copied by the wrong people. It's a good idea to rekey when you loose your keys.

For business owners, having an employee quit or be fired who was a key holder typically leads to a lock rekey. The owner is then free to redistribute the new keys to trusted employees and business partners.

New home owners are advised to rekey when they purchase their home. The original keys have most likely been copied by at least the real estate agent and the old owners and their friends may have copies,too.